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Fundr Feature: Matchmaking for Investors and Startups

We created Fundr to make investing in world-changing startups efficient for investors and startup founders alike. One area where inefficiencies often crop up for investors is in finding the startups that match their funding strategy. Finding startups that match these criteria can be a challenge for investors as they aim to stay in scope of the established guidelines for deploying their funds. And startup founders may not be aware of investors’ theses - leading to failed pitches and wasted time.

Investors famously opine over the “one that got away” with some going as far as creating an homage to their anti-portfolio. Reasons for the missed connections vary from too much deal flow to sort through, missing something key in the company or market or not being able to get into a fast moving deal. On the industry level, this leads to significant inefficiency in the market. This is not only about a lost opportunity for the investor, but a potentially world-changing startup that doesn’t receive the funding required to scale.

Our new investor matching feature was created to solve this for investors and startups on our platform. We’ve matched investors to startups, creating connections that would normally go missed. One use case was a fund focused specifically on immigrant founders, a specific criteria that’s hard to search for and doesn’t naturally come up in pitches. Our deep matching pulls those data points out and provides matching on the granular level. With our matching tool, we are not only helping investors and startups create efficiency in their own process, we’re creating alpha in the space overall.

The new tool helps investors find startups that match their investing preferences and firm theses across key startup features including:

  • Industry and tech sub-sector

  • Founder demographics

  • Current raise amount

  • Location

  • Stage

  • Revenue

  • Investment amount

Investors and SaaS users can select their preferences on the Fundr platform, and when deals become available that match those preferences, investors will receive an email notification so they can review, research, and invest in those opportunities that would have been previously missed. Startups on the Fundr platform should complete their founder evaluation and the company and founder profiles so they can ensure their startup is included in those matches. Read more here about how and why you should complete your full profile and evaluation.

Efficiently matching startups with investors who have aligned goals is just one way that Fundr is revolutionizing startup investment. Sign up today to be part of the new startup ecosystem!

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