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Unbiased evaluation. Access to instant funds. Built-in advice & mentorship.

Disrupt how you raise

Why Fundr

No more warm introductions, uncertainty and chasing investors. Find investors, close your round and keep them updated all in one place. With Fundr, you can quickly raise funds and get back to business. 

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Image by Trust "Tru" Katsande

Fair Evaluation

Skip the months of chasing investors, expensive travel for roadshows and vague feedback. Our proprietary algorithm looks at all parts of your team and company to evaluate you fairly and provide feedback to strengthen your business.

Fast funding

Once approved, find out how much you can raise. Investors are then matched to your company and the deal is automated through standardized convertible notes. Get funds instantly sent to your bank account so you can start building and growing your business. 

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Easy reporting

We make it easy to build strong relationships with your investors. Use the power of the crowd to answer any question you have, send monthly reports so they're always up to date and build your data room for future rounds.

Ready to raise?

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