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  • What is Fundr?
    Fundr is a platform that automates, democratizes and brings efficiency to seed investing. We use AI to help investors analyze startups, close on the platform and track companies with monthly reporting.
  • Can I use Fundr for my organization?
    Yes! Fundr allows you to bring your own admins, startups and investors onto a private portal for your organization. Contact us at for a demo and more information.
  • What are the deal terms?
    Fundr has a standardized convertible note, but also allows for startups to bring their own terms if they are already raising. Read our proprietary deal terms here.
  • How is money transferred?
    Money is automatically transferred from investor account to startup bank account via our payments partners, Plaid and Dwolla. We transfer bank account to bank account for an easy, fast close.
  • Who can invest on Fundr?
    Fundr is currently only accepted accredited investors. Read more here about who qualifies as an accredited investor. Fundr will verify your accredited investor status through questions, documents and background checks. The process should take less than 5 minutes to fill out.
  • How much can I invest on Fundr?
    The minimums and maximum investment is set by the company.
  • Can I choose my startups?
    Fundr's algorithm takes the work out of assessing each company, but you will have access to all the information we have on each company and should also do your own due diligence. You will have the option to remove companies from your portfolio that conflict with your investment philosophy or interests.
  • Will I be able to review the startups before I invest?
    Yes, you will be able to review all startups before investment and we encourage every investor to do their own due diligence before investing as Fundr is not an investment advisor.
  • What startups can apply for Fundr?
    Fundr is made for early stage startups. Any incorporated company with a scalable idea is welcome to apply, but should be building a venture-backable business.
  • How much can startups raise on Fundr?
    Startups are able to raise up to $1M on Fundr. The Fundr Score will determine how much you are able to raise on the site. You can choose anything up to that max raise.
  • Can I choose my investors?
    You are not able to choose which investors you will have, but you will be able to remove an investor from your raise.
  • Can I meet the investors before they invest?
    Investors may reach out to you to set up time to learn more about your company through the platform.
  • What is the application process like?
    The application consists of 90 questions. All questions are quantitative and should only take 20 minutes to fill out. You will need your ID, incorporation documents and any IP documents.


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