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A New Way to Invest: Announcing SPVs on Fundr!

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Fundr was created to make investing in startups seamless for startup founders and investors alike. Now, a new service is joining Fundr’s suite of products to meet that goal. Together with Loon Creek Capital, Fundr is now offering Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) for angel investors to pool their funds and make a joint investment to any startup, including the vetted startups in Fundr’s portfolio.

SPVs are typically structured as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). When creating an SPV, multiple investors are able to contribute to one fund that is then invested into a startup. With this new feature, Fundr continues its work to become an end-to-end platform for startup investment by offering lifetime management of each SPV with a simple, upfront pricing structure. Loon Creek Capital, which specializes in streamlined group investing services, will support SPV creation and tax management for the lifecycle of the investment. Find out more about what investors and startups need to know about SPVs.

Fundr created a simple pricing structure for the new SPV feature, with no hidden fees. For a limited time, Fundr is also offering an introductory discount of $500 off SPV formation.

  • $5,000 per SPV ($4,500 through May 31, 2022) + 3% one-time management fee + 2% carry (capped at $60,000)

  • Fundr’s follow-on funding formation fee is $2,500

  • Fundr’s SPV allows unlimited investors for no extra charge

  • LIfetime management of the SPV is included in the cost

  • Blue Sky Fees, Legal and Bankruptcy costs are not included

The launch of the SPV feature signals Fundr’s evolution into a capital-as-service (CaaS) platform - one place for investors to manage all their needs and for startups to attain growth capital when they need it.

Fundr helps investors and startups manage:

Deal flow: Fundr helps investors find high-growth startups by matching investment interests and stage requirements with companies and founders - saving investors and founders time and energy.

Evaluation: Using the power of AI, Fundr evaluates startups on 90 pieces of data - everything from revenue to traction to team fit - so that investors’ due diligence is as easy as logging into the Fundr dashboard, and so startups can provide all their information in a streamlined process for investors to review.

Closing Investments: Fundr’s platform allows investors and startups to find the investment style that makes the most sense for them. Investors can find flexible investment terms, invest directly on a startup’s cap table, or, now with the new SPV feature, bring in co-investors and smaller checks to get big returns.

Long-term management and tracking: Fundr provides investors and startups with monthly reporting so that everyone has the information they need at their fingertips. Fundr also allows investors to identify companies of interest, which Fundr tracks for each investor so they can decide when to invest.

With Fundr, startup investment is automated and seamless. Questions on SPVs? Reach out to us at

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