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Disrupting the Disruptors

Updated: May 31, 2019

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Startup funding is broken and world changing ideas are going unfunded. That’s what we believe here at Fundr. We have created Fundr with a very specific vision in mind. Fundr’s goal is to be an ecosystem that connects investors with the best founders and startup companies out there. Our disruptive approach will mitigate risk, increase access, reduce bias and speed up the investment process. Here’s why and how.

Anyone who’s had to raise money as a founder knows it can be a full time job. The warm introductions, nerve racking pitches, long due diligence cycle and general corralling of your round takes precious time out of actually building your company. On average, this process takes three to six months, but it’s shown to take even longer for certain demographic or geographic groups. And that’s if you even get funded. Often, the sting of rejection is laced with vague reasoning and half hearted attempts to stay in touch that don’t help you improve or learn.

The investor side isn’t any prettier. Successfully investing in startups without it becoming a full time job, or demanding hobby, is difficult. You can fund friends and family, but your odds of success with such a limited pool is low. Getting access to the best deals is all about who you know. Unless you are entrenched in this community, it’s unlikely you’ll be getting good deal flow. You could learn how to invest through programs or angel groups, but that process is time consuming and often expensive. And in many cases, once you do finally invest, communication often drops off until you get bad news- if then. It takes the average angel investor three to five years to build a diversified portfolio of companies. That’s up to five years that you’re losing money, and even the best pick more losers than winner.

Despite a few platforms that essentially run alongside this long arduous process, there hasn't been meaningful innovation in funding and it’s time for change. We’re still playing by antiquated rules while the very goal of investing is to create new, disruptive technology. Fundr aims to:

  • increase access so anyone can find and provide funding,

  • remove traditional investment biases to increase the likelihood of betting on a winner

  • make communication between investors and startups painless and productive

  • and reduce the time the whole process takes- eventually to one day.

Money that funds stronger, more diverse ideas from a larger pool of people could have an explosive impact on not only the startup world, but our economy. We’re ushering in real change at Fundr. Will you be part of that disruption?

Sign up for our waitlist and disrupt with us.

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