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How to Invest Like an Insider

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We all know the old adage about becoming successful: It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.

But, should that be the case when it comes to accessing startup investment opportunities and building wealth? Wasn’t the rise of technology and startups supposed to level the playing field for founders with world-changing ideas and investors willing to take the risk on those businesses?

That is the vision for many of us in the startup sector. But, too often, the status quo of startup investment models excludes newcomers to investing, limiting the opportunity for investors and startup founders alike to only those who are in the know. For investors with the assets and risk threshold who want to invest in startups, there are too few opportunities to gain access to the field. Most startups find investment from venture capital funds or individual investors in the technology sector who have deep connections in the community.

For example, in 2013, an unnamed individual was given the opportunity to invest $5,000 in DoorDash when it was valued at $7 million. Today, that investment has multiplied exponentially, as Forbes estimated DoorDash’s market cap standing at $51 billion in December 2020. We ask ourselves: How did that unnamed individual get invited to the DoorDash investment party? How did that person evaluate that DoorDash was a strong investment opportunity? Where did that investor go to get current and ongoing information on DoorDash’s traction and market?

Recently, the laws that define accredited investors are being modernized with an eye towards opening investment opportunities to more individuals and organizations. As the larger investing landscape has had a reckoning through meme stocks, many in the startup community are beginning to fight the traditional barriers to investing: time, education, and access to viable startups and investment networks.

All of these questions form the foundation of the philosophy and AI algorithm that powers Fundr. We want to eliminate barriers to success for investors and startup founders by leveraging a data-centric solution that complements investment decisions. Because Fundr creates thoroughly vetted portfolios of viable startups, investors can make decisions knowing that the startups presented have already been evaluated on 90 individual pieces of data. The Fundr platform organizes the startups’ traction, market viability, business planning and reporting for easy access, saving investors time and eliminating unintentional bias that keeps investors from learning about high-potential startups outside of their known networks.

By 2025, it is estimated that 75 percent of venture investment decisions will be made using AI. The future of investing is here. Join the investment revolution with Fundr.

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