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Inside Scoop: New Monthly Reporting Feature


For so many startup founders and investors alike, the word alone can bring up anxiety because reporting can be both valuable and challenging to create regularly. For startup founders, creating regular reports for investors can be tough for valid reasons: the process for reporting is ill-defined or haphazard; measurable “progress” can be slow for a business just starting out; and reporting to each individual investor takes time that no one has to spare when they’re bootstrapping, building a product, and taking as many meetings a day as they can. Investors want to keep track of updates from the founders of their startup investments, but reading yet another one-off email with updates (and sometimes not all the updates an investor is looking for) is not a good use of time and makes it difficult to track long-term progress.

At the same time, a recent study shows that startups that produce frequent, high-quality reports tend to be more successful and better contenders for investment than others. We’re creating Fundr’s streamlined reporting features to bridge this gap.

For Investors

We believe that investors should be able to get all the information they need about their investments in whatever way works for them. From dashboards to informative emails, Fundr will offer it all:

  • Every month, investors will get a report on metrics that matter, including product development updates, customer growth, revenue, investing updates, and more.

  • The reporting will also include key narrative that resonates - founders share wins, including a stream of any articles or recent news, and any asks or needs they have.

  • At any time, investors on the Fundr platform will have an automated and aggregate view of each startup’s progress in their portfolios via their investor dashboard.

For Startups

At Fundr, we’re startup founders, too - so we get it. We want the process of creating monthly reporting to be a good use of founders’ time. A monthly report should be an opportunity to both reflect on business progress and get what founders need to build greater success. That’s why Fundr’s reporting process focuses on key features that make reporting and relationship-building efficient:

  • Fundr’s form-based reporting will collect metrics and information from founders and create a formatted report to deliver on their behalf.

  • Fundr allows founders to choose any contacts to add so that anyone can get updates on the business. This will foster relationship-building with current investors, while keeping potential investors in the loop, as well. Fundr will do the hard part for founders - the platform creates automated emails so investors and followers can see wins, updates, and asks right in their inboxes.

  • The best part: it will take less than 10 minutes for founders to input the information before Fundr creates a streamlined report on their behalf.

We created Fundr to make investing in startups easier, accessible, and above all, financially valuable for startup founders and investors alike. Join today to be the first to try out this new feature:

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