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Will you be the first to join Fundr?

Did you hear? We’re releasing our beta and will be bringing in the first group of users who will launch the next phase of investing to the world. Here are all the details you need if you want to be a part of it:

What is Fundr’s beta?

A beta is the first public version of a product usually with a small, controlled group of users. Ours will be with 50 investors and founders who will be onboarded onto the platform. Investors will be investing real money into our real, scalable, high potential startups.

We take care of everything from the evaluation of the startup, to matching investors and startups, to the convertible note, to the transfer of money. Once the deal is done, founders and investors can talk to each other, share advice and updates easily through the platform.

How do I join and what do I get as an investor?

The minimum to invest is $2000, but you are able to invest as much as you want in this first portfolio of companies. To join, you must be a qualified accredited investor. You will be asked a few questions about your status and provide documentation to confirm. Read here to learn more about whether you qualify as an accredited investor.

Investors will get a diversified portfolio of vetted startups instantly. You’ll be able to opt out of any companies that you don’t want to invest in, but the more you have in your portfolio, the higher your chances of a return on investment. All the paperwork will be taken care of for you, through a convertible note, making the deal painless. Once the deal is done, you’ll have chat tools, news updates and reports so you can be as involved as you want in companies and make sure you’re up to date on the most important information.

How do I join and what do I get as a founder?

Startups will apply using our evaluation tool that looks at everything from your team to the product to traction to the market. Only startups that pass this evaluation will be allowed into the beta. Once admitted, you’ll also find out how much you’re able to raise on our site.

From there, we take care of the rest of the deal. We’ll create a standardized convertible note, get everyone to sign and collect payment that goes automatically into your account. After the deal is done, you’ll have access to your investors via chat to get advice and share updates, building strong, consistent relationships.

What are the benefits?

Beta users are at the front of the line for new exciting products, you’ll provide direct feedback on the features you want and forever have VIP status. Benefits include:

  • Reduced Cost: Investors will only pay a processing fee and startups will pay only $50 to join once accepted ($200 off actual price)

  • Promotion: Startups and investors will have the opportunity to be in the spotlight through promotional materials

  • Your voice: Provide feedback on upcoming features to shape the direction of the platform to your needs

  • Future discounts and access: You’ll always have discounted access to Fundr and will get to test the newest features first

  • Reinvest and raise again: You’ll get the opportunity to reinvest or raise again once our product goes public

Sign up here join and remember, the more you share, the higher your odds are of being in our beta, so share with anyone you know who could use Fundr!

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