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Easy startup discovery. Instant close. Automated deal tracking.

Your Back Office, Automated 

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Easy Startup Discovery



Automated Deal Tracking

No need to spend 3 years building up your portfolio to get that big return. We find and serve you up startups that align with your needs and interests. Never overlook a great opportunity again with our proprietary Fundr Score™. Take the pain out of closing with standardized deal terms, fast signing and automatic money transfer. Easily track important dates and ongoing progress.

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Why Fundr

No more jumping from excel sheet to CRM tool to email to close deals. Use the end-to-end platform designed to be with you from dealflow to close to the long term relationship.

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Unbiased Evaluation

Our smart algorithm evaluates startups on 90 pieces of data, removing bias and simplifying the decision process. Our Fundr Score™ surfaces and ranks the best startups you may have overlooked.

Fast deal close

Enjoy a fast closing process with flexible deal terms including SPV creation, in-app document creation and signing. Once paperwork is signed, money is automatically transferred. No back and forth, no waiting. 

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Organized Tracking

Track your deal dates from signing to transfer. After close, see all your investments in one spot with monthly reporting, detailed data rooms and easy communication with founders. 

Fundr for Groups

Use Fundr's tools to help simplify, organize and speed up your organization's investment process. Evaluate your startups, manage co-investors and track all your deals in one place.

Bring your own startups

Fast review

Investor management

Multi-user roles

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Working with the best in the industry

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